• Features of GBWhatsApp and How to Use Them

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    Hi Everyone, Today we will discover all the features of GBWhatsApp in details and find out there workings.

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    1 GBWhatsApp
    1.1 Features of GBWhatsapp:
    1.1.1 DND Mod:
    1.1.2 Privacy Settings:
    1.1.3 Hiding: Online Status bluetick Double Tick Status Seen Typing Status Recording Status Blue Microphone
    1.1.4 Anti-revoke
    1.1.5 Custom Chat Custom Notification Privacy
    1.1.6 Message Scheduler
    1.1.7 Broadcast Messages to Groups
    1.1.8 Send Larger Videos
    1.1.9 Sending Zips and Apk Files
    1.1.10 Download Status
    1.1.11 Copy Text From Messages And Pictures With Texts
    1.1.12 Clean Log Files and Ability to Read Log Files
    1.1.13 Uploading Status Without Losing Quality
    1.1.14 Read Text Status Directly From Chat
    1.1.15 Lock a Particular Chat
    1.1.16 Hide Chats And Protect Them With Password
    1.1.17 Change GBWhatsApp Font
    1.1.18 Themes
    1.1.19 Media Sharing Mods Upload Size Limit ( Video) Image Quality Mod Upload Size Limit (Audio) Status Quality Mod Original Picture Size Video Limit for Status
    1.1.20 Main/Chats Screen Mod
    1.1.21 Conversation Screen Mod
    1.1.22 Other Mods Launcher Icon Ticks Style Hide Notifications NotifyBar Icon Show Date and Name Always Online Show Contact Tab Extend Notification Create GBwhatsApp Shortcut Disable Voice Call Square Image and Photo Corners Disable Message Counter Gif Provider Video Player
    1.1.23 Other Features
    GBWhatsApp is the moded version of WhatsApp which unlocked many more features than normal WhatsApp and give complete freedom to enjoy the whole WhatsApp without any limitation. You can Send files of larger size than you can send in normal WhatsApp you can customize themes and looks of WhatsApp chats and main screen. Also, GBwhatsapp helps you in reducing WhatsApp size by giving you an option to clean WhatsApp log which ultimately decreases the size of WhatsApp and this can decrease the load on your device and can make your device faster and able to run smoothly because WhatsApp is a crucial app we all need but sometimes size became a pain and our device starts slow down because of this important apps size. This is why GBwhatsapp is a great solution to get rid of your most of WhatsApp problems. You face daily and Whatsapp developers are not solving.

    Features of GBWhatsapp:
    1. DND mode
    2. Hide online status, Blue Ticks, Double Tick, Status Seen, Writing Status, Recording, Blue Microphone
    3. Anti Revoke
    4. Custom Chat
    5. Message Scheduler
    6. Broadcast messages to groups
    7. Send larger Videos than normal WhatsApp
    8. Let You Able to Send Apk and Zip Files Directly
    9. Lets you Download WhatsApp Status
    10. Copy text From Chats And text attached to pictures
    11. Clean Log files
    12. Uploading Large Size Status without losing quality
    13. Read status from the chat
    14. Secure chat with a password
    15. Hide Chat like Hike messenger with password
    16. Change App font
    17. Themes
    18. Media Sharing Mods
    19. Main/Chats Screen Mod
    20. Conversation Screen Mod
    21. Other Mods
    22. Other Features

    DND Mod:
    As the name says DND mode means do not disturb mod and it is a very helpful mod when you want to use the internet but don’t want people to see double ticks of your messages or WhatsApp messages will not disturb you. After turning on DND mode. WhatsApp will not consume your internet connection and behave like you don’t have an internet connection or you have turned off your internet. It is very helpful for those who don’t want to be disturbed with WhatsApp notifications while playing games, watching movies, and doing any important work on your phone. This is a very helpful feature of GBWhatsApp. And can be found on the GBWhatsApp Main screen of chat beside the 3 Dots of setting as shown in the image.

    Caution: Don’t Forget to turn off the DND mode when your work is done otherwise you will not be able to receive messages from friends and when you open WhatsApp for turning off DND it will reflect your last seen from the time when you are turning it off (Unless you have turned off the show online status or show last seen status). You can turn off your internet connection and then start DND mode and then turn on the internet this trick works most of the time, but not necessarily work so use this at your own risk.

    Privacy Settings:
    This feature includes Hiding you from other users and gives you the choice of many privacy-related options to get you a better privacy than normal WhatsApp. It is one of the greatest and most used features of the GBwhatsApp and works like a charm this is the main reason why GBwhatsapp is better than the normal WhatsApp. This feature encourages a normal user to migrate to GBwhatsapp from normal WhatsApp. It includes hiding of your online status without losing the ability to see other users last seen. It will show your last seen instead of online your last seen will be the time when you turned off your show online status. Hiding typing status, blue ticks, and many more privacy-related features.

    Online status
    Double tick
    Status Seen
    Typing status
    Recording status
    Blue microphone
    Online Status
    This feature lets you hide online status and even when you are using WhatsApp it only shows your last seen (if you haven’t disabled it in WhatsApp settings). It is a very useful feature when you don’t want anyone to disturb you or you want to chat with your partner or close friend at late night. It protects you from your family from seeing you online late night. It will show last seen as the time when you turn on hiding online status feature in the GBWhatsApp. This feature can be found in the privacy settings. In the main chat screen, there are 3 dots in the top right corner of the main chat screen, click on that and there you will find the privacy settings feature in privacy setting you will find the option to disable online status. As shown in the image below.

    This option is also a useful feature of GBwhatsapp. This feature lets you hide your blue tick without losing the ability to see other users bluetick. In other words, other people will not be able to find out that you have read their messages, but you can see that they have readen your message or not (only work when other person has not disabled his show Bluetick option in WhatsApp Settings). This feature is very helpful when you want to read messages from the person but don’t want that they will know you have readen their message. This feature is very helpful in saving you from an annoying person, the one who sends you useless messages and ask for the reply. You can find this option in privacy setting feature which can be found on the main chat screen of the WhatsApp. As shown in the image below.

    Blue Tick settings

    Double Tick
    This feature also very useful for hiding double tick in WhatsApp. And let other people think that you haven’t received their message yet and can save you from annoying users. And help you to chat with the person you want without any interruption. You can find this option in the privacy setting by clicking on the 3 dots which are present in the top right corner of the main chat screen of the WhatsApp. As Shown in the image below. But if you encounter a delay in sending the message(clock icon beside message), then please disable this feature.

    Second Tick Hiding Setting Screenshot

    Status Seen
    This feature is a very good feature for you if don’t want anybody to show that you have seen their WhatsApp status this feature is very useful if want to secretly see someone’s WhatsApp stories/status. You can find this option in privacy settings. To enable this option go to the privacy setting which you can find by clicking on the 3 dots on the top right corner of your Whatsapp main chats screen. As shown in the image below.

    Hide View Status, GBWhatsApp Privacy Feature

    Typing Status
    This feature can let you hide your typing status. it is helpful when you don’t want other users to show that you are typing text in there chat. This is not a very useful feature but can be useful for the users who don’t want to show anyone that they are typing which sometimes helps in doing critical chat. because sometimes the other person stops typing by seeing that you are typing, sometimes it can be useful there. You can enable this feature in privacy setting by clicking on 3 Dots in the top right corner of your GBWhatsApp main chats screen.

    Wrttting Status Setting screen shot

    Recording Status
    This feature is similar to typing status, but it hides the recording status means it won’t let others know that you’re recording a voice message in WhatsApp. This isn’t much of use but can be useful for ones who don’t want others to see their recording status.

    This feature can also be enabled by going into privacy setting by clicking on the 3 dots present in the top right corner of your GBWhatsApp main chats screen. As shown in the image below.

    Blue Microphone
    Normally in WhatsApp when you listen to someone’s voice note the mic on the voice note turns blue. This feature disable that, which lets you listen to anyone’s voice notes without letting them know that you have listened to their voice notes. This feature is also found in the privacy setting by clicking on the 3 dots present in the top right corner of the GBWhatsApp main chats screen. As shown in the image below.

    These all are the working of all the privacy setting of GBWhatsapp. And how you can use them.

    This feature is one of the important features in the GBWhatsApp. After the Offical WhatsApp released the feature of recalling or deleting the message from other users this feature became the most popular feature of the GBWhatsApp. Basically, after enabling this option you will be able to see recalled messages instead of seeing “this message has been recalled or this message has been deleted“. But this feature must be enabled at the time when your friend or any user of WhatsApp send the message and recalled it. unfortunately, this feature can’t be used to see the messages which have been already recalled by the users. It can only ensure that all the future message will not be recalled or can be seen after recalling. This feature can also be enabled by going into privacy setting in GBWhatsApp. As shown in the image below.

    Custom Chat
    This feature gives you the ability to filter unnecessary people form WhatsApp. It’s a useful feature but many of GBWhatsapp users don’t find how to use this feature most of them don’t even know that this feature exists. Custom Chat lets you filter user with 2 options, On the bases of privacy and notification.You can assign custom notification type for a particular user and use privacy features for a particular contact of WhatsApp including hiding online status, bluetick, double tick, play (recording) status, typing status, view status, and anti revoke. This feature makes the Privacy setting more useful than ever before.

    You can filter a user by going to the chat menu of the person you want to filter. Then tap on the name and you’ll find the custom notification option and privacy option to filter the person. For better navigation see images below.

    Custom Notification


    You can also check the Chats you have filtered all at one place by visiting GBWhatsApp menue>Custom Chats. As shown in the image

    Message Scheduler
    This feature can be extremely useful for the users who want to send wishes to their friends and family at the exact time. Like late night birthday wishes or early morning wishes. You can set the date time and message and select the receipts you want to send the message and ta-da. No longer fights for wishing late. Moreover, you can use this feature as your own need. You can find this option by taping on the 3 dots present in the top right corner of the GBWhatsApp main chats screen as shown in the image below.

    Broadcast Messages to Groups
    This Feature helps you when you want to send a message to almost every contact and group. But, unfortunately in normal Whatsapp, you can’t send a broadcast message to the groups, but GBWhatsapp gives the option to broadcast your message to up to 253 groups. This feature can be used for promoting anything you want, on WhatsApp or any message you want to deliver to a wide audience. This can be used at it’s best if you are in large no. of groups on WhatsApp or you can join a wide no. of WhatsApp groups and can broadcast your message. Wheater you want to promote anything this can be used either this way. This feature can be found at main chats screen of the GBWhatsApp by clicking on the 3 dots located on the top right corner. As shown in the image below.

    Broadcast Messages To Groups

    Send Larger Videos
    It seems very unfair when you are unable to send favorite videos to your friends because WhatsApp won’t allow you to send a video of larger size. You can only send the video of max 16 MB on WhatsApp, But GBWhatsApp gives you complete freedom to send videos up to 50MB. Now no more disappointment and low resolutions of videos. You can send videos to all of your friends without interruption. You can change the upload limit size into Media Sharing Mod Setting by going to GBWhatsApp setting by tapping on 3 dots located into the top right corner of main chats screen. As shown in the image below

    Sending Zips and Apk Files
    In normal WhatsApp, you can only send limited types of files but in GBWhatsApp you can send all popular types of files including zip files/compressed files, Apk (android application setup/backup). With GBWhatsApp it becomes easier share files over WhatsApp. This feature is pre-enabled in GBWhatsApp and you just select the file normally as you do with any other file and share that with GBWhatsApp.

    Download Status
    This is also a pre-activated feature of GBWhatsApp. This feature helps in downloading the status of other users. Downloading photos of other user is easier because you can screenshot the status you want to capture or download but in case of video, It becomes impossible or difficult you need to do additional steps for doing so. If you want to know how to download WhatsApp status in normal WhatsApp you check this post DOWNLOAD WHATSAPP STATUS ON YOUR DEVICE. But with GBWhatsApp you can download it with just a few taps within the app without any further steps. You can download the status in GBWhatsapp by opening the status you want to download then click on 3 Dots located at the top right corner and press download as shown in the images below.

    Copy Text From Messages And Pictures With Texts
    This is the feature which becomes popular after WhatsApp removed the copying of text attached to the images in WhatsApp. This feature lets you copy text from the images you can’t copy paste but you can select the text and drag it into the text typing box and can copy then. This feature is not of much use but still can be helpful sometimes. This Feature is a pre-activated feature of the WhatsApp. If you still not understood how to do so check the image below for better instructions.

    Clean Log Files and Ability to Read Log Files
    This is one of my personal reason to switch from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp. GBWhatsApp gives us the option to clean log files. Log files are unnecessary files for us but WhatsApp stores them because it contains all the activities of your contacts from changing the profile picture to the information of when they came online and gone offline when they changed their status and the activities your contacts have done on WhatsApp.

    By reading log file you can find out how much time a particular contact of yours spent on WhatsApp. These files took a lot of space, as we use WhatsApp it can go up to 150MB. This leads an increased size of the WhatsApp this is why the app starts to take more space. Which makes it difficult to install other apps on your smartphone. GBWhatsApp gives the option to clean the log files of the WhatsApp and lets you free up app space. By cleaning log files your WhatsApp becomes lighter and gives you a smooth experience and will not consume a lot of ram and memory of your smartphone.

    You can read log files and can see what your contacts have done by visiting the GBWhatsapp setting and choosing the option of open log files. As shown in the image below.

    You can clean log files by visiting GBWhatsApp setting and click on clean log files as shown in the image below.

    Uploading Status Without Losing Quality
    This is one of the useful features of GBWhatsApp. This feature lets you post stories/status of larger size than the normal WhatsApp. Due to the upload size limit in less for the normal WhatsApp is compress/compromise the quality of Image and video you post into your WhatsApp stories for reducing the size. But with the GBWhatsApp you can upload the Images and Videos into stories at its original quality because of there a larger size limit of upload in GBWhatsApp. No more poor quality stories. For enabling this feature you need to go into the media sharing MOD in GB Settings. As shown in the images below.

    Read Text Status Directly From Chat
    This is not a useful feature for every user, but it is a helpful feature for the couples/lovebirds. because it shows their text status into there chatbox the status will keep showing in the chatbox below there name which makes it easy to notice that your partner has changed his her status. This is not important for everyone but can so important for users that do care about status changes. Its a pre-activated feature in GBWhatsApp.

    Lock a Particular Chat
    This feature is one of the useful features for the privacy freak users. For the one who takes privacy seriously. This feature let you set up a password for a particular contact. This feature can help when you give your friend or family you phone to read Whatsapp jokes in groups but they start reading your personal chats. By this, you can lock your private chats and it will ask for a password everytime some want to open that box. For password protecting chat of a particular person, you go inside the chat box of the contact you want to lock. Then click on the 3 dots located at the top right corner. You will find the option of lock chat there. For better reference see the images below.

    Hide Chats And Protect Them With Password
    This feature helps you to protect your privacy more efficiently by giving the ability to hide chats like Hike Messenger. Locking the chats still show the name of the contact and last message sent by him/her on the main chat screen but this option lets you completely hide the whole chat of WhatsApp same as Hike Messenger. It’s helpful when you don’t want to show the name of the contact in main chat screen of the WhatsApp. Messages from that contact will be not shown in the notification bar rather it shows “You have a new message in WhatsApp” instead of showing the short description of the message.

    You can hide the chat by long pressing the chat you want to hide and when the contact turn blue tap on the 3 dots present on the top right corner, There you will find the option to hide the chat (It will ask to set up the password when you try to hide the chat for very first time and will ask for password if you have done this previously). For better understanding refer to the images below.

    Change GBWhatsApp Font
    This feature lets change the font of GBWhatsApp. This feature can be used when you become bored with your old fonts and want to change the look of your WhatsApp. Currently, there are only a limited amount of fonts to choose from because the feature is released a few days ago but there will be more in future. The fonts are both in the Arabic and English language you can select according to your need. You can change GBWhatsApp font by going in Change App font Option present in the GBWhatsApp Setting as shown in the image below.

    This is also one the option you can use when you become bored with the old look of the WhatsApp. You can change the whole theme of the GBWhatsApp. There are tons of themes by various users in GBWhatsApp you can fully customize the look the each and every element of the GBWhatsApp. It allows you show your creativity in the WhatsApp and can fully Upgrade the appearance of the WhatsApp you can choose from thousands of inbuilt themes and also build your own themes. For changing the theme you need to go into download theme option present in the GBWhatsApp setting as shown in the image below.

    Media Sharing Mods

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